You'll want to keep an eye on this Baby Bedding Brand in 2020

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The 9 months journey to becoming a new mom is often described as being one of the best experience a woman can have throughout her life (not taking into consideration the contractions, the cravings, and the frustration of not being able to touch her toes).

How can it not ? It is the miracle of life ... but it is an extra human being who, despite its size, requires much more attention and needs than an adult.

What kinda needs does my baby need you may ask ? The most common are the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene
  • On the Go
  • Play
  • Bedding/ Nursery

For the purpose of this article, we will be talking about the last one as we are describing a recent brand that specializes in Baby Bedding for Boys and Baby Bedding for Girls.

This Baby Bedding brand is called NightNight and it is on a mission to revolutionize the baby bedding industry !

WOW, that is a big claim ! Yes, it is. But by the end of this article you'll take this as an understatement.

The Problem

Are you in the process of browsing the internet for hours to try and find the best crib sheets for your baby girl or baby boy but you can't seem to find something that is smart/ practical, of high quality materials, aesthetically appealing, and at an affordable price ?

Now you're smiling because if you're a pregnant mom to be and reading this, I know you can relate and I understand how frustrated you are.

But rest assured there is a solution and this is exactly what NightNight is doing.

The Solution

The two founders of NightNight were frustrated with how difficult it is to find baby bedding products that check all the following boxes:

  • Smart/ Practical - easy for parents to use
  • High quality materials - healthy fabric for the baby's skin
  • Aesthetically appealing - a design that is satisfying to look at
  • Affordable - probably the most important factor

To overcome this situation, these two friends spent months doing some research, learning everything there is to learn about this industry to be able to create baby products that ticked all solutions to the issues mentionned above. 

Now, I hope you are still smiling because you are relieved to have found a solution to your frustration. However, you might not be convinced yet as you don't know exactly what these products are and how they actually tick all those previously mentionned boxes. 

The Products and Their Importance

vintage baby crib with blanket and romper on the edge

NightNight has developped baby bedding products that satisfy the most common needs for the baby's nursery. You will find the following categories for both your baby boy and your baby girl:

Each product within each of these categories have been developped following NightNight's 3 core values which are: Health, Safety, and Smart.

Health - what drives NightNight when choosing the fabric and materials. Every product that is in direct contact with the baby's skin are made of 100% cotton making it the healthiest choice for your baby boy or baby girl's skin.

Safety - the design process was carefully throught through to ensure that each product are certified to be used safely for both the parents and the baby. 

Smart - this is where NightNight's innovation comes in. Making products that are aesthetically attractive but more importantly practical simplifying the parents' life when handling each of these products.

The Cherry on the cake ? All of NightNight's baby bedding products are under 60 bucks making them very affordable.

What Nightnight has to say

A message from one of NightNight's founder:

"we believe that your baby's overall wellness is and should be the top priority when choosing any baby related products. This is why we decided to create our own. We don't want to rip off new parents, the entire experience of having a baby should be only happiness and stress-free and we believe in making a difference for the good of your baby and consequently for the good of new parents."

So ... how are you feeling now ? Please tell us in the comments and if you are interested in NightNight's products don't hesitate to browse through their website and to like their Facebook page as well as Follow them on Instagram to accompany them on their journey to making a difference. 

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