We are extremely proud to finally be able to deliver what we have been working for quite a while now. It is available for all of you to visit and this is ... NightNight.


But... what is NightNight and why is it a big deal ?

NightNight is a Swiss-based company operating in Lausanne, Switzerland, which focuses on high-quality baby bedding products. The company follows very simple yet extremely important values in today's baby bedding industry:

  • Health - your baby's health is our number one priority
  • Safety - your baby's safety is of upmost importance to us
  • Smart - making life easier for busy parents is the future

We live in a fast-paced world where us, humans, have less and less time for more and more responsibilities. Development in design and technology is at its peak and with thousands of different information we get per day, it is hard to make up our mind. 

NightNight is on a mission to revolutionize the baby bedding industry. We strongly believe that by combining our values with today's industry standards, we can finally deliver products that simplify new parents' life, giving them time for other tasks, and making them the only products they'll ever need. (Find more information about us by clicking here)

But... what are these magical products ?

Latin for "wrap", Inplecto is our most versatile multi-purpose sleeping bag allowing you to use it for anything you find fit. No need to purchase one product for each different function, Inplecto solves 5 problems at once. This product's smart design will save you time, money, and energy, as well as give your baby a stylish look through Inplecto's modern look. This sleeping bag has many benefits that go in line with our core values including:

  • Reducing the Moro Reflex
  • Being extremely portable
  • Being perfectly breathable
  • Being durable through its knitting technique and smart design

Last but not least, the inner layer, responsible for wrapping your baby, is 100% natural organic cotton making it the healthiest choice for your baby's skin. (Find more information on this product by clicking here)

Latin for "night", Nocte is our overall for your baby's perfect comfort. It keeps your baby fresh while maintaining it warm and healthy ensuring your baby's well-being indoors or outdoors. Nocte was designed around simplicity by knitting 12 solid buttons from collar to feet sleeves, by tightening the knitting of the sleeves' end to avoid temperature alteration, and even by attaching the product's tag on the outisde for easy cutting. Finally, this piece of clothing is also made of 100% cotton staying in line with our most important core value. (Find more information on this product by clicking here)

Latin for "dreams", Somnia is the optimum sized blanket for your baby adding just the perfect layer for the deepest night sleep. Its thickness adds a light cover to ensure the baby's comfort as well as keeping it warm. Moreover, the knitting technique allows it to be breathable while preserving the right temperature for the baby. Its simple design allows you to use it for any purpose you see fit such as blanket, swaddle, stroller sun protecter, and many more. As well as the other products, Somnia is made of 100% cotton tying the knot on the health aspect of our mission. (Find more information on this product by clicking here)

If we sparked an interest in you, mysterious reader, we would be extremely happy to invite you to click here to go visit our website. For the launch, we have an amazing offer: Buy an Inplecto Multi-Function Sleeping Bag and get our Somnia Blanket for FREE

Thank you for reading and welcome to NightNight.


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